Microwaved Custard and Flaky Crust

A good baker can follow a recipe, but a great baker is a person who can take a failed attempt at a recipe and make it into something just as good.  Okay, so maybe I’m just saying that to make myself feel better about the number of times I’ve tried a new recipe and messed it up. Oh, and what better way to start a blog than with a messed up recipe? Speaking of which, hi everyone! Here’s the first post! Hope you like it!

So a few days ago I had this great idea to try out a new dessert. I found an awesome recipe that Paula Rhodes posted on her blog, Salad in a Jar.  The custard is MICROWAVED.  No more standing in front of the stove for ages stirring a creamy mixture that won’t seem to ever thicken. I used the milk and whipping cream mixture for the custard since I had some heavy cream left over, and during the 6 minutes in the microwave it thickened like a charm. Just remember to take some plastic wrap and put it directly on the surface of the custard so that a skin doesn’t form.

The problem was the crust. I did some things differently from the recipe. First, I used a muffin tray since I don’t have fancy silicone tart forms. Secondly, I didn’t use nearly as much tin foil as the recipe told me to. Because of my reluctance to use more tin foil, my dough rose and got a bit brown where it wasn’t covered in foil. Then I had to brown the part that had actually been covered, and in the process I think I over baked them. Flaky crusts are good, sure, but not when they’re so flaky they disintegrate at touch.

So then what?

Well, how about this:

Custard + Crumbled Tarts + Blueberries = Custard Fruit Crumble!


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