Custard Crazy!

Happy Groundhog Day!

I am SO excited about this custard recipe because of it’s extreme easiness. But I do realize that this blog is called “the chocolate chunk” and I haven’t yet posted anything with chocolate in it!  Solution: CHOCOLATE CUSTARD

Or, rather, some variety of chocolate vanilla custard swirl.


1. Make one batch of the basic custard recipe.

2. Put half of the finished custard in a different bowl.

3. Put some semi-sweet chocolate chips in one of the bowls. (I put in a little handful, but it wasn’t very chocolatey, so I would recommend putting more)

4. Stir the chocolate mixture so that the chocolate chips melt in the hot custard.

This is what mine looked like:


I’m sure there are other ways of making chocolate custard, I used the semi-sweet chocolate chips because that way I didn’t have to worry about adding sweetness to the chocolate.  I figure that you could add pretty much anything you wanted to flavour the finished product as long as it would blend in well.

The swirl didn’t really end up looking like a swirl, more like a mish-mash of the two custards.  If anyone has ideas of how to make a nicer swirl, please leave a comment!  Here’s what I did:

First I put a layer of chocolate custard, then a layer of vanilla, and then another chocolate.


Then I took a knife and mixed it all around, added some banana slices, and bingo!

Chocolate vanilla custard swirl.



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