Triple Chocolate Cake!

Here’s my latest creation:

Chocolate spice cake with mocha custard filling and chocolate buttercream icing.

The cake recipe comes from this cupcake recipe by Annalise on her blog completely delicious.
I made the cupcakes around Christmas. The combination of spice and chocolate is amazing, the texture is awesome-fluffy but moist. The coffee in the recipe also brought out the chocolate flavor wonderfully. And finally, I absolutely love the colour. That rich dark chocolate look, mmmm… Continue reading


Custard Crazy!

Happy Groundhog Day!

I am SO excited about this custard recipe because of it’s extreme easiness. But I do realize that this blog is called “the chocolate chunk” and I haven’t yet posted anything with chocolate in it!¬† Solution: CHOCOLATE CUSTARD

Or, rather, some variety of chocolate vanilla custard swirl.

100_1871 Continue reading