Triple Chocolate Cake!

Here’s my latest creation:

Chocolate spice cake with mocha custard filling and chocolate buttercream icing.

The cake recipe comes from this cupcake recipe by Annalise on her blog completely delicious.
I made the cupcakes around Christmas. The combination of spice and chocolate is amazing, the texture is awesome-fluffy but moist. The coffee in the recipe also brought out the chocolate flavor wonderfully. And finally, I absolutely love the colour. That rich dark chocolate look, mmmm…

Oh yeah, the cake. So I did some research and found that 18 cupcakes translates to one 8-inch round cake.

I made a double recipe because I wanted two layers. I didn’t pay very much attention to the amount of time they took to bake, but I put the cakes in at the same temperature as the cupcakes for 30 minutes to start and then checked on them every 5 minutes or so. Probably had them in for 35-45 minutes.

While those were baking and cooling, I started on the custard.
I used the same amazing custard recipe I always do, but experimented a bit to make it mocha flavored.
For this cake I just made a half recipe. Before putting together any of the ingredients, I measured out the milk (1 3/8 cups in this case). I followed the instructions on some instant coffee we had, adding a heaping teaspoon and a half of instant coffee to my microwaved milk. I added about a teaspoon of cocoa powder as well for good measure and mixed it all together. After cooling it in the refrigerator, I just followed the recipe as usual. I just tossed in a few more chocolate chips at the end to ensure a chocolatey experience.

I poured the custard into one of my 8-inch cake pans lined with parchment paper from the cake and put it in the refrigerator to set.

Once it was all cooled, I built my cake. I probably should have leveled my cakes, but I couldn’t bear to lose that beautiful height. I should really invest in some Bake Even Strips.

Icing time!
I used this recipe, but added a dash of vanilla to deepen the flavor. For my thin crumb coat and top layer, I needed a recipe and a half.
Here’s how I did my icing:
I started with a crumb coat. If you want a nice-looking cake, DO NOT skip this step. Especially if you do any leveling, it’s virtually impossible to keep those pesky crumbs out of your icing. A crumb coat is just a very thin coat of icing all over the cake to fill in any annoying holes and pick up and plaster down the crumbs.

After the crumb coat, put the cake in the fridge to set. Once the icing is hardened, you can do the nice coat.
I put just enough icing to cover the crumb coat, then smoothed it out by dipping my metal spatula periodically in hot water; something I like to call the zamboni method.

Let that dry and dust with some icing sugar and there you are!

Chocolate spice mocha layer cake!


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